Is CryoShape safe for darker skin types?

CryoShape is safe for all skin types, from Type I through Type VI.

How many CryoShape treatments will I need?

Unlike other procedures, CryoShape requires only one single session to significantly reduce scar volume. Quick alleviation of tenderness, itching, discomfort means that patients can leave the office same day with little recovery time. Even large keloid and hypertrophic scars may be treated with CryoShape.

What are the risks associated with CryoShape?

The single-needle insertion procedure is simple to perform in your doctor’s office using a local anesthetic. There are minimal if any pigmentation changes, and virtually no risk of worsening the scar.

Will my scar come back after CryoShape treatment?

In over 97% of the cases performed to date, no scar recurrence was observed. Most patients require only a single procedure to significantly reduce the size and shape of keloid or hypertrophic scars.

Are there any side effects with CryoShape?

Most patients have few side effects, and minimal discomfort. Skin pigment changes are rare when using CryoShape.

Does the treatment hurt?

No sutures are involved in the procedure and the targeted area is easily anesthetized, making the treatment virtually painless for the patient. Treatment takes from 10 minutes to an hour depending on scar volume. Patients can leave their doctor’s office immediately following treatment.

When can I go back to work or school after CryoShape?

Post treatment wound care is very simple, and patients may resume full activity, including return to work, the following day, or even the same day if desired. The healing process is very rapid after CryoShape and simply involves local wound care.

Can CryoShape be used on children?

CryoShape has been demonstrated to be safe to use on children.

Who can perform the CryoShape procedure?

Only a licensed and certified physician is able to use the CryoShape device, and the procedure is only available to be performed in doctors’ offices.