The CryoShape device is a unique hand-held instrument used in treating

and Hyperthropic Scars. CyroShape has been effective in destroying deep tissue by employing an extremely cold probe to cause a thermal effect deep within the scar material and destroy the growth’s cells. In one single session; Cryoshape can significantly reduce scar volume, while softening and normalizing collagen, both within and around the scar.

CrypShape instrument

This single-needle insertion procedure is distinctive in both its simplicity and effectiveness. CryoShape holds practically no risk of worsening the scar. In fact, over 97% of the patients experienced no recurrence. In addition, after experiencing rapid alleviation of pain, tenderness and itching, patients can leave the office the very same day and return to their daily activities.

Unlike its competitors, CryoShape does not require patients to undergo several procedures with high risk of recurrence. With CryoShape, risks such as skin atrophy or scar depression are truly minimal.

Simple & Effective Solution

The CryoShape device has been designed to be used simply but effectively. Under the freezing temperatures generated by CryoShape, the patient’s scar is frozen from the inside out. This supplies penetration to the deep scar tissue whilst leaving regular tissue untouched. By obstructing further blood circulation in the unwanted tissue, CryoShape remarkably spares any uninvolved tissue from the process. This short procedure ensures comfort for patients both during and after, with the targeted area easily anesthetized.

The CryoShape treatment can last from 10-60 minutes, depending on the dimensions of the targeted area. With simple post treatment wound care, one can return to work the very same day. With no sutures involved and the treated area numbed prior to treatment, it is virtually painless.

Thousands of procedures have been done and helped thousands of patients already. Our aim is to help you have the best possible result for the treatment of your Keloid or Hypertrophic scar. You do not have to suffer any longer from this terrible malady. Call or e-mail our office for answers to any questions you may have.